About Me

Hi, I’m Caroline (or Caz – or Smazwaz and Granny Smaz to a special few).

In August 2017 I went motorcycle camping in Wales for one night and enjoyed it so much I decided I was going to give up my job and ride around the world. Ok, there was a bit more to it than that. But anyway I decided to do it – and I did it ! 

In 2018 I set off from the UK to zigzag through Europe and then headed east on the north Silk Road through Central Asia to South East Asia, before flying myself and Boo (my Tiger) to Australia . After a brief visit back to the UK to shed the anchor of material possessions (sell my house and all my stuff) Boo and I flew to North America and completed our first loop around the globe.

Follow me (@funsmazwaz) on Facebook or Instagram if you are interested in following whatever is next. The adventure isn’t over.