What bike am I using?

A 2016 Triumph Tiger 800 XRT – I bought this bike mainly for commuting, before I even started thinking about doing a big trip. When I decided to do the trip I read lots about choosing the right bike but in the end I figured that as the bike I already had was more than capable I’d stick with it. It is a decision I’m still very happy with.

Of course I made a few changes. I had already had it lowered, and as the XRT is the top of the range of the more road oriented version of the Tiger 800 it already had a lot as standard (such as uprated alternator, aluminium radiator guard, tyre pressure monitoring, auxiliary lights, pannier frames, centre stand, heated seat as well as grips) but I felt it would be a good idea to fit some of the more off-road oriented accessories – just in case :

  • aluminium sump guard (Triumph)
  • engine and fuel tank protection bars (Heed)

And for practicality and comfort :

  • side stand big foot plate (Adventure-Spec)
  • gps mount (SW-Motech)
  • machined footrests from the XC (Triumph)
  • adjustable screen (Madstad)

And purely for aesthetics :

  • front beak (Triumph)
  • machined brake levers (Triumph)
  • machined clutch bracket (Triumph)
  • silencer (Arrow)

What am I wearing ?

Klim Artemis jacket

Klim Artemis pants (recent) – set off with Dainese Drake Super Air sent home from Malaysia (tried a few things between)

Forma Adventure Low boots

Triumph Route Gloves (3 season gloves)

Harley Davidson (mesh) gloves (good tropical gloves)

Schuberth E1 helmet with Bluetooth 

Keis V501 Premium Heated Vest (sent home from Malaysia)

What gear did I bring ?

Vango Zenith Pro 200 tent

Thermarest NeoAir Venture mattress

Silk liner

Vango Venom 300 sleeping bag

Inflatable Pillow (stopped using – just put bag under end of mattress now)

Outrak compact and lightweight camp chair (to replace Vango stool)

Primus Omnifuel stove and 0.6l fuel bottle 

Flask (recent addition)

Aluminium water bottle (recent addition)

Small pan set

Tin mug

Fork, spoon, knife, spork 


Multi tool w sharp knife 

Sandwich bags

Food basics (spices, oil, rice, pasta)

Clothes – Too many

Givi XS307 tank bag (ditched in Malaysia, zip breaking and too heavy)

Full set of brake pads

Oil filter and sump washer (2 used between dealer services)

Headlight bulb, indicator bulb, indicator lens

Battery jump starter / powerbank

Chain oil (tutoro)

12V air compressor

Slime tyre pressure gauge


Visor cleaner spray and cloth

Disk lock (hardly ever used)

Helmet lock (used a lot)

Toolkit (everything needed for oil change, pad change, front and rear wheel removal, tightening stuff)

Gorilla tape

Cable ties

Gorilla glue


iPhone 6s (main camera)

Garmin Sat-Nav – Zumo 595LM – free OSM worldwide maps

SJCAM camera (bought in Kazakhstan)

Olympus Tough TG5 camera (screen cracked when left in top box for flight to Australia- ooops)


Laptop (mainly for connecting to Zumo and doing videos)


Power adaptors (1 cube, 1 Aus/USA, 1 Europe)

Too many USB cables 

Hella/USB adaptor

Spot tracker

Passport / Carnet / IDP / V5 / bike insurance/ travel insurance / passport photos

Currency in waterproof pouch 

Medicine tin

Journal notebook

Sketch pad

Kriega US-30 DryBag 

Various dry bags 

Net laundry bag (for drying washing on back of bike while riding)

Clothes pegs – small bag of washing powder (or just use shower gel/ shampoo/ soap if don’t have any)

Straps (latch and 

Boot laces

Ear plugs (foam – lost good ones)

Union flags

First aid kit

Toilet roll

Spare keys


Mosquito repellent 




Fly net (recent)

Trainers (Sketchers – comfy and lightweight)


Spf50 suncream

Large travel towel